8'3" Full Carbon Pro Wave

This board is our high performance board for more experienced riders and is exclusively for wave riding. The uniqueness of this board relies on the combination of its shape and dimensions. The volumen is concentrated on the upper part of the board making it very stable to paddle and easy to catch waves but it losses width and volumen at the bottom making incredibly maneuverable for ripping. The board is designed for SUP surfers who want to take their progressive style to the next level. The board shape is inspired by modern surfing featuring thin rails, squash tail, double concave at the bottom, and is very lightweight.



  • 8'3" x 29" x 4 1/8"
  • 100 lts
  • 6.4 kgs
  • Recommended for riders up to 190 lbs


  • Quad and thruster fin boxes
  • Thruster FCS fins set. G5 (4.5") constructed with carbon and honeycomb
  • Automatic air vent
  • Comfortable EVA deck