standing on a board and paddling out to sea  is in our blood


Thousands of years ago, a young man named Naylamp landed on the northern coast of Peru, and with his entourage, he brought culture and knowledge of the sun, moon, time, life and dominating the waves as a source of power and life. 

This was the start of an age-old culture in Peru that expanded to other places, spreading the idea that great things are accomplished by doing small things well. They were simple people who beautifully depicted the world around them through exquisite art, and surfed the Pacific Ocean for 5,000 years seeking the force and power of the ocean, becoming ocean masters.

We at Ocean Master learned to love the ocean just as our ancestors did on their "Little Reed Horses". We learned that the best way to live a full life is to enjoy what is all around you, make the most of it, and take care of it.

Our mission is to recreate Stand Up Paddle based on these same values, developing products that combine design elements from this ancient Peru with the highest technology and precision for great performance.