Feeling the Flow - Finding Your Peace

Numerous participants describe stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) as a spiritual activity to observe nature’s quiet splendor. Psychologists further characterize this feeling as “flow”, being totally absorbed in the moment. And those who meditate use the term “mindfulness”.

Let’s look closer at SUP, this spiritual activity that allows you to experience flow and mindfulness.

Feeling of Serenity

There's no feeling quite like the serenity of cool water lapping at your feet, the steady heat of the sun, and methodical dipping of your paddle into the crystal waves. The experience of a blissful time on the water is truly a centering and peaceful way to lose, or find, yourself. Paddle boarders undoubtedly feel less stress as water is calming and has therapeutic attributes so it is easier to disconnect from society and the digital age.


A Great Low-Impact Workout

When using the proper technique, SUP is a great low impact workout burning 400+ calories an hour and building lean muscle while using all of your muscles. You pull yourself through the water while the gentle tug of the paddle dips into the waves with enough resistance to feel a straight burn in your arms, the obliques, and the inter-vertebral muscles. Your shoulders and arms work to propel your body weight with the paddle, and your legs are constantly tensed to keep your body upright. It is a healthy choice of exercise compared to high impact sports and activities that often put additional strain on muscles and joints. 

A Fantastic Cardio Workout

Stand-up paddle boarding is great exercise that works the large muscle groups while hitting those ever-important, yet difficult-to-target stabilizer muscles. It focuses on the entire core, which impacts athletic performance and overall body wellness.

Improved Endurance and Balance

SUP is also an activity to help cross train and improve endurance. And in turn, this will help you have more endurance and balance in other sports and when performing various physical jobs.

Conversation, Conversation, and Solitude

SUP stands out amongst watersports for being a very sociable activity. You can talk to someone on a board nearby or if you have young children, they can sit on your board as you paddle. Likewise, groups and tours (SUP) help you to get caught up with your friends and to meet new people.

However, many participants enjoy SUP as a solitary way to prepare for the workweek ahead and treasure the quiet time that is ideal for brainstorming ideas or for prayer and thanksgiving.

Physical Appeal and Convenience

The relative weight of a paddle board versus other water sport equipment (e.g., canoe, kayak, rowboat, sailboat)  makes it especially accessible for a range of ages, sizes, and mobility levels. With rentals readily available, it’s increasingly easy to grab a board and glide off from shore. There are even inflatable boards that can be packed into a backpack.

 SUP is about exploring the water and your mind. The wind and the waves lug you into focus, reducing your worries and freeing your thoughts. Your mind, soul, and body are alive!